Thursday, 27 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey

This is my week 2 day 3 SLJ activity. I hope you will like it.


  1. Talofa Alodia,

    Yes, it seems like your family are early risers just like you. You must be a morning person, which is good because you get to prepare well for the day ahead. I am an early riser, though it isn't by choice most times so I like a good sleep in when it gets to the weekend. My favourite thing to do on weekends is put my alarm on snooze and stay up late hanging out with family and friends. I guess that makes me and early riser and a night owl!

    Oh that burger looks delicious! Quarter Pounders are from McDonalds, I wonder if they have a special sauce in them like the Big Macs do.. Also, are you certain that beef is meat from the cows shoulder? I'm sure there are different cuts of meat that can make beef mince.. May be you could find out.

    I like that you included your personal opinion about moving the squid from a children's perspective. :) On the flip side I know lots of kids who'd love to get their hands slimy lifting a giant squid! Your equation and answer would be correct if only adults were to lift it, however the activity does ask you how many adults AND children it would take to move the squid.

    Please edit the last activity to include an answer that has both adults and children moving the squid. Remember that there is more than one way to be correct, don't forget to show us how you worked it out. You've got this!

    Toe feiloa'i fo'i,


    1. Hello Cia,
      I have fixed activity 3. I actually made a mistake in activity 2. you're not supposed to use pound beef, you just need to use normal beef. I am not actually sure what pound beef is, and beef is not the meat from a cows shoulder. There are not actually any special sauce that you use for the quarter pounder, but you do use ketchup and mustard.

    2. Malo e lelei Alodia,

      Excellent! I like that you have changed the third activity to make the steps you took easier to understand.

      Also, congratulations on completing the Summer Learning Journey! I am looking forward to reading the activities you have completed! :)

      Toa feiloa'i fo'i,