Thursday, 27 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey

Here is my week 2 day 2 SLJ activity. I hope you like it.


  1. Fakalofa lahi atu Alodia,

    Really? You weave every time? Maybe you could suggest another activity.. It does take a lot of patience to weave and it may be quite boring if you don't have an interest in it which is totally fine.

    I would love to weave more often, I have weaved with plastic and flax before, it took a little while to learn. One day I want to weave a fala (mat) for my family, we used to have lots in our house but not so much now. I would also love to weave my Mum, sisters and niece an ili (fan), my Grandparents had so many beautiful ili that had the most vibrant colours.

    Interesting pick for the strongest person. I like that you've included why you selected him and what he's done to show his toughness. Remember that being strong doesn't always mean physically strong, there are ways you can show strength in your mind. For example when you try something new and it doesn't quite work out but you persevere and keep trying anyway.

    You have used a very effective Venn diagram to illustrate the similarities and differences between your two selected plants. You have also included photographs of the plants. Perhaps next time you could link a video of each plant in action. I'm sure lots of people are curious...

    I had the chance to see and feel a Venus Flytrap in person. It was kept on a window sill so it could get lots of sunshine as well as insects that fly in to the house through the window. I remember putting the tip of my finger near the opening and it slamming shut, it didn’t hurt me at all.. It kinda tickled but I wouldn’t do it again. Would you touch one if you had the chance?

    Toe feiloa'i fo'i,


    1. Hello Cia,
      I have put 2 videos into activity 3. I would like to touch a Venus flytrap, but I would be very scared that it would chomp on my finger.