Sunday, 6 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey

This is my week 4 day 1 SLJ activity. I hope you like it.


  1. Hi Alodia,

    It's Leslie here, reading your blog from my home in Canada as a member of the Summer Learning Journey team. It's a bright winter morning where I live, but I know that you're in the middle of a summer's night. Isn't it amazing that technology allows us both to be a part of the same program even though we live on opposite sides of the world?!!

    You've done a super job on these 3 activities. I particularly like your question for Dame Moncrieff as to whether or not she would rather be a sculptor than an artist. In a way, she is both a sculptor and an artist, isn't she? She takes items and molds them together into a 3 dimensional piece of art that, as it happens, people can wear. But I suspect that her fashions could be displayed as sculptures, without the people wearing the, as they're often made out of materials that have a solid nature to them.

    You've made an interesting argument for the reality of the Taniwha. What we 'expect' to see shapes what we do see, doesn't it? Who knows what lives below the surfaces of our waters???

    And I appreciate the huge effort you put into creating such a wonderful poem about Beijing. If I'm reading it correctly, it sounds as though you've been there - wow!! Did you have a problem with air pollution while you were there? It doesn't sound as though that was something you experienced because your poem presents Beijing in a very positive light.

    You're one of the few students who has created a poem for this activity - well done, you!!

    I hope you've enjoyed these Summer Learning Journey activities and that you're also having many other fun times outside during the summer holiday time!!

    I'll continue to enjoy reading your blog.



    1. Hello Leslie,
      Thank you for commenting on my blog. In Beijing, I didn't see any air pollution. We did wear face masks, but that was cause it was cold.