Saturday, 5 January 2019

Summer Learning Journey week 3

This is my week 3 day 5 SLJ activity. I seriously can't believe that it is already the last activity for week 3! Have you learnt anything after reading my blog posts this week?

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  1. Hi Alodia,

    I'm Leslie and I'm a member of the Summer Learning Journey team, reading your blog from my home in far away Canada. It's a beautiful, sunny winter day here - so different than what you're experiencing in Auckland, I'm sure. This morning the temperature outside was -24 C so I had to put a lot lot lot of clothing on to take my dog, Spirit out for a little walk. I'm going to take her out again later when the temperature will be higher, hopefully!!

    I'm very fortunate to live in a part of Canada that doesn't experience a lot of air pollution. I grew up in a big city, Toronto, and there were days when the sky would be gray because of the smog that had collected overhead. One of the bigger problems in Toronto is the amount of pollution created by the thousands of cars that are on the road. We have to do something about that, don't we? Smog is a huge problem for all creatures on the planet!! You've made a good list of things that you've learned about pollution from the video that you watched.

    I gather from your blog that you enjoy sleeping, reading and food. So when it's a rainy day you can do some of your favourite things - rainy days rule!!

    I've read your story about discovering the effects of an acid rain storm. Well done!!
    You've created a very vivid picture of the kind of devastating damage to animals and the forest that could result from such a storm.

    We've had some real concerns about acid rain in Canada in the past. In the 1980's we found that some of our lakes were 'dead' because they were too acidic for fish and other creatures and for plant life. And our trees were being affected by the acidity too. It was very upsetting, so our government created new laws requiring companies to reduce the amount of smog they produced. They had to put scrubbers on the chimneys of their manufacturing plants and they had to find less polluting ways to produce their products. Fortunately we've seen some real improvements and so acid rain isn't the worry that it once was.

    I'm enjoying reading your blog! I hope you're enjoying these activities and having a really good summer holiday!!