Sunday, 31 March 2019

Jack Tame👨‍⚖️ came to our school for a Duffy assembly! (Cool😎)

Today, Jack Tame came to our school for a Duffy assembly. Jack Tame is a Journalist who interviews very famous people, like Jacinda Arden, Jennifer Lawrence, Sonny Bill Williams, Richie mccaw and Beyonce. He came to our school and talked about what his job is like, and how he reads a lot. Did you know, Jack wakes up at 3:30am just to get ready for his job?! He also reads for one hour before he starts interviewing people, so then he knows more about the person he is going to interview while he's reading. He also reads for fun after he gets back from work, and he dreams about the places he read about. Here are some pictures from today's assembly.
Picture of Jack Tame

Miss Whysall Getting ready to do Manawanuitanga tickets.

Khaalid receiving his reward

Our Duffy box

A very weird face

Explaining about himself

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