Saturday, 22 December 2018

Summer Learning Journey

This is my week 1, day 1 Summer Learning Journey (SLJ) Activity. I hope you like it.


  1. Mālō e lelei Alodia,

    Cia here from the Summer Learning Journey Ako Hiko team.

    Activity 1:
    You have definitely read the information from the website carefully because you have paraphrased the facts you read, well done. Next time it would be great if you elaborate a little bit more on the facts that you shared. For example, what other countries besides Aotearoa have more than one national anthem? I'm sure readers would be very curious..

    I love that we are called kiwis, why do you think we are called that? I wonder who gave us that nick name... Let me know if you find out.

    Activity 2:
    You have written a nice little description of your ideal hometown and used a few adjectives to help describe it. Sounds like a quiet and neat little village and a big change from your actual hometown Auckland, which is big, busy and full of things to do.

    I was born and raised in the big bustling city of Auckland. One of my favourite things to do in Auckland is drive out to Mission Bay Beach and admire the beautiful fountain that has been there for many years. What's your favourite thing to do here?

    Remember the activity is asking you to describe your hometown, so in order to for me to award you full points for this activity you need to describe Auckland. Please edit your slideshow to include this.

    Activity 3:
    I can see you have thought a bit about what a digital footprint represents and how we can be smarter online. You made good points about thinking before you post something that may be 'naughty' and sharing personal information. Often we can make the mistake of posting something we think may be funny, but it could also be hurtful to someone else. Thinking before we post can help us avoid that completely. :)

    Perhaps next time you could talk a bit more about what we should be sharing and maybe give some advice about what to do if you personal information does get shared online. Sometimes personal and private information can get into the wrong hands. What steps do you think you should take if someone does find out your password? Who should you talk to first?

    All this reminds me of when I am with friends and family, we like to take lots of silly pics pulling crack up faces and poses, but we’re pretty careful about setting them to private if we decide to upload them. Understanding how and what we share is pretty important!

    Keep up the good work Alodia, I look forward to reading your edited post.

    Toe feiloa'i fo'i (see you again),


    1. Hello Cia,
      I have edited activity 2 so know I describe a bit of Auckland. I haven't found out who nicknamed the New Zealanders kiwis, but I will keep trying.

    2. Talofa Alodia,

      He tino pai tō mahi!

      Well done on being resilient and listening to feedback about your learning. It is good to see you trying your best. I have awarded you full points for all three activities now. :)

      Toe feiloa'i fo'i,