Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Chosen Valley

Yesterday we went to chosen valley camp with room 7 and 18. I really liked the food that we had at camp because we had nachos, chicken, chips, sausages, and cereal. The activities at camp were epic. There was archery, go karts, water slides, kayaking, raft building, balance island, A frame, and a confidence coarse. It was one of the most coolest experience in my life.


  1. Hey Alodia, Its Mala from room 25 Owairaka District School.
    I like you post about chosen valley.
    It was also one of my favorite experience in my life so far.
    Which activity did you like most?
    My favorite was the confidence coarse!
    If you would like to cheek out my blog here is a link=
    If the link dosn't work you could always go to the school site, find my class room 25 and on that site is a link to my blog.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I Would like to hear from you.

  2. Hi Alodia, it's your sister here:)
    I like your post about Chosen Valley Camp. I agree that it was a cool experience!
    What activity do you like best? My favorite is raft building.
    Please check out my blog at
    Thank you for sharing your learning

    1. Hello Claire,
      I think my favorite activity was the kayaking. It was really fun because I had never ever gone kayaking before.