Thursday, 30 August 2018

my speech


Close your eyes for a minute. Go on, please do it. Now imagine you are walking down the road to school. You breath in fresh air and look around. Do you see any smokey clouds, or any fumes? Do you hear the horrible rumble of cars and trucks roaring by? No you don’t. This, is the world with no pollution!

I think that cars that run on petrol should be banned. I understand that you will think, “What? If we ban patrol cars, how are we supposed to get around to other places?” Well, the answer is that we could walk  short distances, use bikes when going to further places, or we could use cars that run on batteries and electricity. Hello, my name is Alodia and today I will be talking about “air pollution.”Image result for air pollution

Most of the petrol that we use will make something called ‘pollution’. Pollution is when we leave things we don’t need out in the air. This includes chemicals, and gasses.Then it enters the air and will harm natural things like animals,and plants.
If there's too much pollution in our world, lots of us would get poisoned and tons of us might die! Did you know that in New Zealand, we use around 45 million barrels of crude oil , that makes petrol, every year - that’s more than 1,200 litres of crude oil per person, per year. Together, that is enough oil to fill the Wellington Stadium called the 'Cake Tin' around 12 times.
Pollution made by cars can also be a enormous hazard to sea animals. Nearly 700 marine animals have gone extinct because of pollution.  When oil boats spill crude oil, hundreds, or maybe thousands of sea animals die! Did you know that the biggest oil spill in history had spilled 240 to 336 million tons of oil!  If you think I’m right, I want to ask you a question. Do you like animals? Well, I do, so if you like animals as well, then we should put a stop to this.
Some scientists predict that if there is still to much pollution in our world, we will have to move to Mars! This will happen because, we won’t have fresh water to drink,because it will be full of pollution.  I don’t want that to happen!
If you want to stop polluting our amazing planet, then I challenge  you to do at least 1 of these things. You can save energy by remembering to turn off your computers, lights and electrical products. You can walk and bike more often.  If you need to use a car, you can carpool. This means sharing the car and making it totally full. If you did this you would also be able to save money on petrol. And if you decide to buy a new car, make sure you buy a electrical car.
But, if you can do all of these, I think the following years will be the best years in history because we will be stopping air pollution. We all have to work together to stop this from happening, so let's get to it.

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