Tuesday, 3 July 2018


Fun times at Arataki

“ Watch out for the bus!” shouted Miss Green as the bus screeched to a halt next to us. We were about to go to Arataki,A nature reserve in the Waitakere Ranges! We hopped onto the bus and as it started to pull away I wondered how long it would take. We were going with Rooms 7 and 6 to learn about nature's recyclers.

When  we got there we saw one of the teachers that used to work at our school, her name was Miss Best.  We sat down to have morning tea and then had to clean our shoes because we might carry the Kauri dieback disease on them.

Now it was time for a bush walk. As we wandered into the bush, we saw all sorts of bugs. We saw spiders, mosquitoes, ants and  centipedes. We heard birds chirping and walked on hard, frozen mud. We went back to the center and had lunch.

We walked  into the dark bush again with a park Ranger named Stacy. When we reached a quiet area, Stacy gave us a tool used to catch bugs called pooters. I caught a spider, hoppers and a grub. We all walked back along the rocky path and went into a room in the visitors center. Stacy taught us about a trees life cycle. We then played a game about how insect eat leaves like this, “chew, chew, chew, poo, poo, poo.” It taught us that insects are important because they turn old leaves into soil.

All too soon it was time to go back to school. I think everybody had lots of fun, even though there was lots of  listening and concentrating needed. I hope that we will go back to Arataki soon.

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