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I wrote a report about molluscs.  hope you like it.

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Do you know what a mollusc is?  You probably think that you don’t but if you want to know more read on. Today I will  share with you interesting information about my favourite molluscs , theCornu aspersumalso known as the common snail

What is a mollusc?
A mollusc is an animal that is slimy with a soft body and has a body part called a foot. Most have a shell. They live on land and in salty or fresh water.  

What animals are in the mollusc group?
There are lots of animals in the mollusc group. There are snails, slugs, octopus, squids. They all have different ways of breathing. On land they breath air.  lams, oysters and muscles breath by opening and closing their mouths,   ucking and breathing out the water in their bodies.

Facts about the molluscs.
There are all types of wacky facts about molluscs. Here are a few:

  1. There are about 150,000 types of molluscs in the world!
  2. There are 80,000 types of slugs and snails!
  3. Some people LOVE eating snails!
  4. Octopi can blend into their surroundings!

What does the common snail look like?

Image result for snail diagram
What does the common snail eat?
The snail’s diet is lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, algae and fungi. Snails have about 1,000 tiny teeth that rip the food to shreds. Some very aggressive snails and slugs may eat worms or each other!

Where do snails live?
Snails live around the world so it is not very surprising to see a snail in the desert or rainforests. Sphincterochila boissieri is a type of snail that lives in the desert and the thersites mitchellae also known as the Mitchell's rainforest snail lives in the rainforest. The white shell of the sphincterochila boissieri protects the body of the snail from the heat.

Why do we need snails?

snails are part of nature and they also break down food for worms.

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