Wednesday, 16 May 2018

letter to the PM

Owairaka District School
113-115 Richardson Rd
Mt Albert

Wednesday 16th May

Rt Hon Jacinda Ardern
Office of the Chief Executive
Level 8 Executive Wing
Parliament Buildings

Dear Prime Minister,

Sorry to interrupt you Ms Ardern. Today I am writing to you about ‘Garden To Table’ that we have in Owairaka District School (ODS), Mt Albert.

At “Garden to Table” There are two groups. The garden group and the kitchen group. In the kitchen group you have organic ingredients from our garden and you have to read the delicious recipes carefully so you can get the wonderful taste and not add in too much of one ingredient. Once, someone read the recipe wrong and ended adding salt instead of sugar into our muffins. It tasted terrible.

We have great teachers teaching us to use the scales, knives, graters, ovens, pots and pans. We watch the scales and measuring cups carefully to make sure there is the right amount.

The garden group learns to harvest and plant appetizing, delectable fruit and vegetables. We watch videos for composting and harvesting. We learn to use shovels and forks. I have a very small garden and I never learned how to harvest vegetables. All thanks to Garden to Table I have learnt to harvest.

When the kitchen group have finished making the delightful meal we all come to the carpet to say some karakias. Then it’s time for eating. We have all kinds of food from rice to bread. Not everything looks brilliant. For example once we had feijoa, lettuce and spinach smoothies. Then there was banana skin muffins and the spongy looking tofu. They all looked weird but were delicious!

You are welcome to come to our school anytime and I would be very, very happy to hear that you have helped more schools have a “Garden to Table” program at their school.

Yours sincerely,


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