Monday, 11 March 2019

green week so far...

This week is green week! The purpose of green week is to do lots of enviro things, and on Friday, we come dressed up in green and blue. Or focus this week for green week is sea birds. On Monday, a lady from Vector came to our school to talk about sustainable environment. We talked about solar panels, batteries, how the sun is for free, and the different kinds of energy.
Explaining about energy

Picture of New Zealand

Types of fossil fuels

Sahar and Elio helping out the lady

Salma holding the helicopter
Today 2 people from sea cleaners came to our school. Hayden and Charlie explained about how we could save marine animals from going extinct. If we pick up rubbish that is lying on the road, it actually helps animals, because the rubbish can go through the drain if it's raining, so if we pick up rubbish, it actually literally helps!
Hayden is the man and Charlie is the lady

This is a short film of saving animals

Charlie explaining about sea birds

This is how much rubbish the sea cleaners can get from the ocean!

Canoe's filled of rubbish

Picture of a crab covered with a box

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